Towers Trap

Towers Trap 1.5

Defend your land from enemy intruders


  • Intelligent gameplay
  • Helpful animated tutorial
  • Online high scores


  • Graphics are a bit basic


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a military strategist then you might want to give Towers Trap a try.

The aim of Towers Trap is to defend your land by preventing hoards of persistent alien intruders breaching the barricade. There are eight different species of intruder, each with their own special skill. In order to stop these pesky critters you need to protect your gates by erecting towers strategically. There are seven different types of tower in Towers Trap, such as sniper, cannon, radar and rocket launcher - and you must figure out the most effective place for each to combat the various threats posed by the intruders. Each tower in Towers Trap has its own price and can also be upgraded or sold, and you get money to pay for these by killing off intruders.

The fact that you have so many guns and weapons to defend yourself from creatures which can't actually harm your towers makes Towers Trap sound like a no-contest. However, you'll be surprised how quickly the intruders adapt to your tactics and find a route through your defense. You'll have to think on your feet though because you only get 50 lives (i.e. only 50 invaders may pass) and these cannot be recovered.

Towers Trap is a highly original and thoroughly enjoyable strategy game that will keep you occupied for a while. The graphics are small and fairly basic, although because there's so much happening on screen so quickly, this can be forgiven.

With an online high score sharing feature, Towers Trap is a Tower Defense-style game that will keep your interest for quite some time.

Towers Trap


Towers Trap 1.5

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